f Delaforce 2003 Vintage Port Portugal
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Delaforce 2003 Vintage Port


Vintage Ports are made and declared only in years of exceptional climatic and quality conditions. After bottling, they mature slowly for many years to gain the unforgettable richness that places them among the world's greatest wines.
The Delaforce House style which is 'rich, elegant and fruity' is evident in the entire Delaforce range.

2003 is one of the finest of recent port vintages and the Delaforce 2003 has been drawing critical acclaim from around the world. True to the house style, it shows wonderful balance and refinement, with delicate cedary and floral scents set against a well defined fruity background of blackcurrant and plum. The Delaforce Vintage 2003 was awarded 4 Stars in the Spirit Journal Quarterly F. Paul Pacult.

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